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Improving Administrative Redress in Jersey

administrationOn 18 October 2017, we published our topic report on Improving Administrative Redress in Jersey (click here to download; pdf 2MB, 151 pages). We make wide ranging recommendations

  • about how public bodies deal with internal complaints
  • proposing a new judicial body – the Jersey Administrative Appeals Tribunal (JAAT) –  that would amalgamate eight existing tribunals, with user-friendly procedural rules
  • calling for amendments to five Jersey laws that currently make Ministers responsible for hearing appeals; these appeals should be heard by JAAT, an independent and impartial tribunal, rather than politicians
  • proposing that the States of Jersey Complaints Panel is replaced by a Jersey Public Services Ombudsman
  • suggesting that 50+ rights of appeal that currently lie to the Royal Court should go instead to JAAT as this will be more accessible to appellants who do not have legal representatives
  • saying there should be further research to develop proposals for Alternative Dispute Resolution (such as mediation) for disagreements about administrative decisions.

This report concludes our current project on administrative justice in the Island. The report will now be considered by the Government of Jersey and the States Assembly. The Topic Commissioner for this project was Professor Andrew Le Sueur.

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