The Jersey Law Commission

simplifying and modernising our island’s laws

Jersey Law Commission launches review of criminal appeals against conviction

fingerprintToday (27 July 2016), the Jersey Law Commission publishes a scoping paper as an initial stage in consultation on reform of the law relating to criminal appeals against conviction in the island. This project is led by Claire de Than.

Responses are requested  by 31 October 2016. We welcome input into our initial thinking from individuals and organisations. To download the report click this link (pdf, 71 pages): Criminal Appeals Against Conviction Scoping Consultation.

Please send responses by email to or by post: Criminal Appeals Scoping Consultation, Jersey Law Commission, ℅ Institute of Law, Law House, 1 Seale Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3QG.

The Jersey Law Commission is an independent body set up by the States of Jersey in 1996 to identify and examine aspects of law with a view to their development and reform.

We carry out research and consultations to eliminate anomalies, recommend repeal of obsolete and unnecessary enactments, reduce the number of separate enactments,
simplify and modernise the law of Jersey. Our recommendations are considered by the Chief Minister of Jersey and the States Assembly. The Commissioners are unpaid and work on the reform projects part-time.

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