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Update: administrative justice

Administrative justice tries to ensure that government decisions are made fairly and in accordance with law; and when they are not, that effective redress for grievances is provided. We are investigating how grievances against public bodies are resolved.

People’s grievances generally fall into three categories:

  • challenges to the legality of decisions (e.g. the government body did not apply the law correctly)
  • challenges to the merits of decisions (the decision was unwise or a better decision could have been made)
  • complaints about non-decisional failings such as delay, rudeness and insensitivity (‘maladministration’).

The project is examining

  • the work of the various tribunals set up by Jersey Laws
  • the role of the Royal Court in hearing statutory appeals and applications for judicial review
  • the States of Jersey Complaints Board.

During May-June 2015, Andrew Le Sueur is conducting a series of research interviews with a wide range of people who have experience of the administrative justice system. We expect to publish a consultation paper in December 2015.

If you have views about this subject, please leave a comment in the box below. Your comments will not be published. Alternatively, email Andrew Le Sueur

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